Man Wins New Truck from Cabela’s

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Portland man reeled in an eighteen-inch rainbow trout from Hagg Lake. What he didn’t know was the big prize that came with the big catch.

Rick Drapeau, who says he’s never won anything before, was the biggest winner in Oregon today and he’s excited to share it with his family.

“I couldn’t fathom what that fish could potentially mean to me,” said Drapeau.

Just two and a half weeks later he found out exactly what it meant: a brand new $55,000 truck and a $300 shopping spree at Cabela’s.

“Besides my family, this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me so it’s just been an amazing experience,” said Drapeau.

He’s the winner of the Cabela’s annual Fish for Millions contest. In Oregon, tagged fish were put in two lakes, Hagg Lake and South Twin Lake. If a tagged fish is caught, then the information is registered online to see if the fisherman is a prize winner.

“It took about two and a half weeks to be notified and here i am today,” said Drapeau as he’s standing in Cabela’s in Springfield.

Daniel Beraldo, retail marketing managemer at the Springfield Cabela’s, said other tagged fish were reeled in from Hagg Lake but Drapeau is the biggest winner in Oregon. Beraldo also said the annual promotion is held to remind people of the great outdoors.

“Ultimately, the promotion is to get families active in the outdoors and get excited about fishing,” said Beraldo.

Drapeau and his wife, Megan, are thrilled about the new truck and his son, Dalton, is excited to be getting something from that gift card.

“I’m looking at a couple rods and reels. I’ll probably get my son a toy or two to share with him,” said Drapeau.

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