Managing Eugene Marathon Traffic

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EUGENE, Ore. — This weekend is jam-packed with events, one of which will be taking over the streets of Eugene for nearly the entire day.

The Eugene Marathon is just around the corner.

Now in it’s seventh year, when it comes to managing a potential traffic nightmare, Eugene Marathon directors definitely have experience.

With the help of EPD and the understanding of city residents, they believe it’ll be a great experience for everyone.

Right now cars are moving freely along these roads, but starting Saturday that will change.

“You would want to stay away from MLK and Coburg from about 9:30 a.m.” said Sgt. Jim Ball, Eugene Police Department.

And then comes the immense foot traffic.

All those involved agree, bringing in about 8,000 participants, the marathon is a big event.

“It’s phenomenal because I have probably 20-something officers involved in it, and then you have the city shops that have to do coneage, and then they have to deal with some private companies, and then we have to deal with Springfield Public Works and Springfield PD,” Sgt. Ball said.

Parts of town will be closed off almost completely and nearly all day as runners make their way through the course. Race directors are doing all they can to help alleviate the stress.

“All these streets around the university will be closed–Agate, 18th, 15th, 13th–so parking over here is very limited. So we really encourage people to take the shuttles,” said Richard Maher, Race Director.

But despite being trapped in some places, most folks were happy to see so much activity in their neighborhood.

“I just think that you know when you live here in Eugene, we’re really, really lucky to have such a great spot and so many athletes, and it’s just good to embrace them and not be in a hurry (laughs),” said Eugene resident Marti Kersh.

Click here for more information on the Eugene Marathon.

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