Many Not Enjoying Cold Temperatures

EUGENE, Ore. — There weren’t many cars out on the roads Saturday morning. Even the downtown bus stop that’s usually bustling with foot traffic looked more like a ghost town.

For a small group waiting to catch a bus, everyone layered up to prepare for the cold. “I have two pairs of socks, good boots, and a warm jacket,” said Ron Beason, a Eugene resident.

“Three layers. I’ve got long johns and what not and I’ve got my sweater and I’ve got my top and all kinds of and my jacket,” said Elizabeth Mendoza, a Eugene resident waiting to catch a bus.

Some even improvised, turning blankets into something they could wear.

For these long time Eugene residents, this bitter cold is something they’re just not used to. “This is the first time in, I moved here from Alaska and the cold here is really you know, it’s humid and it’s really getting to in my bones. I never experienced that before, so you know not even living in Alaska,” said Mendoza.

So until the snow melts and the temperatures heat back up, these bus riders said they’ll be staying inside as much as possible. “I will not be going out if I absolutely can avoid it,” said Kristina Stark, a Eugene resident.

“I don’t go out if I don’t have to, you know I don’t go out not even on my days off,” said Mendoza.

They’re hoping these freakishly frigid conditions won’t stick around for much longer. “I hope it starts raining,” said Beason.

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