Mapleton Residents Begin Cleaning Up After Floods

January 25, 2012

By Lauren Mickler

MAPLETON, Ore. — The Siuslaw River almost reached flood stage again after more than two inches of rain fell Tuesday.

Wednesday, the river level was back down to 15 feet and neighbors used the dry weather to their advantage.

The Barrongs took in the damage at their home for the first time since the flood.

They were on vacation in sunny Arizona last week when the floods covered their house in about five feet of water.

Their southwest escape was cut short when neighbors told them about the flood damage, so Bill and Charleta traded in their Ray-Bans for rain boots.

“I guess last week, since we knew about it, you build your mind up and think it’s going to be a lot worse than it really turned out. It’s, I’d say on a scale of one to ten it’s a seven or an eight,” said Bill Barrong.

But for Barrong, an eight is manageable, just messy.

“Main thing is to get all this mud washed out of here before it dries,” Barrong said.

The boats in the garage floated, which means the cargo inside stayed dry.

“Guess that’s some of the stuff I won’t have to clean up,” Barrong said.

But that also meant some damage to the ceiling.

“The boat here, here, was parked straight in here, and went right up on my work bench. So it has drifted up and went plum around and knocked a hole in my ceiling,” Barrong said.

One of the more painful points on their to-do list is evaluating the damage to their brand new trailer.

“I don’t know how I’m going to get my trailer out of the ditch,” Barrong said.

Last week, the river current carried it off the driveway and lodged it in some nearby trees.

“I don’t even think a tow truck could pull that out. That may be its final resting place. I don’t know,” Barrong said.

It’s a long list of chores for the Barrongs, but Bill says between he and Charleta, he figures things will get back to normal soon enough.

There is still more rain on the way. The next big storm will hit Wednesday night.

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