Mapleton Residents Take Stock of Flood Damage

January 20, 2012

By Lauren Mickler

MAPLETON, Ore. — Rescue crews say they visited at least 40 different homes and made six rescues during Thursday’s flooding in Mapleton.

On Friday, water levels were lower, but stress was still high as the rain continued and residents attempted to recover.

Bert says he would kayak right up to the front of his house on Riverview Avenue Thursday.

On Friday, he decided to go around back where the steps are covered in riverbed remnants and the flood’s current has twisted Bert’s dock like a pretzel.

“Believe it or not I’m a tidy house keeper,” Bert said.

The damage didn’t stop in the yard.

Bert says the river ran right through his kitchen and the basement.

“First thing I did was hit the breakers,” Bert said.

Now there’s around two feet of standing water in the basement.

Across the way at the Swedbergs’, things look a little better but not much.

Mud, water, and more mud cover the yard, the driveway and everything in the garage.

“We’re hoping to get this garage cleaned up maybe today and tomorrow and do the best we can. Hopefully, it won’t come up again to where it washes back in — and this is only the first time!” said Randy Swedberg.

At Swedberg’s house there used to be a walkway out to their dock, but now the river has almost completely submerged it.

As far as cleanup goes, Randy and his wife Cheryl ordered a huge dumpster to start clearing the debris and damaged belongings, and they say they’re lucky they won’t have to do it alone.

‘It’s amazing the support and all the phone calls we’ve had to help out with this tragedy that we’ve had. It’s nice to have support, because to do it ourselves would probably take us a few days,” Randy Swedberg said.

With the rain still coming, neighbors say all they can hope for is the river to stay where it’s at.

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