Marathon Breaks Registration Record

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Marathon Director says the number of runners racing Sunday is record breaking and the volunteer support has been outstanding.

The number of participants in the Eugene Marathon has nearly doubled since 2007. Back then there were about 4,600 runners. Now nearly 9,000 runners are walking through these doors to pick up their registration packets.

Organizers say volunteer support has been exceptional. This is the first time the race’s volunteer module has filled up, at about 1,000 to 1,200 volunteers.

Director Richard Maher says in the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, runners continue to stay strong and are also showing solidarity with the people of Boston.

“Everything that I’ve seen and heard from people has been positive. We had a couple show up and say, ‘We ran Boston. We’re signing up for your marathon, and we’d like to wear our number on our badge,'” said Richard Maher, Marathon Director.

Also at Sunday’s race and during registration, people can write their thoughts and prayers on a 4×8 foot banner, which will eventually be sent to Boston.

There will also be a moment of silence on race day and runners will be wearing black ribbons to honor the victims.

Participants are also encouraged to use #Eugene4Boston and #EugeneMarathon for any Twitter posts related to the marathon.

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