Marcola Panda Cow Moving to Hawaii

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MARCOLA, Ore. — What’s black and white with big circles around its eyes? A panda cow.

A rare black and white cow just hit the bovine lottery–again.

Theresa Perkins and her husband Bernie hit the lottery when Storm arrived in early April at Whiskey Creek Miniatures in Marcola. They breed cows. The odds of getting a true panda cow are rare.

While the odds of breeding a true panda are slim, you could say this bovine just hit the jackpot again. When the Perkins family listed Storm for sale, Ana Webb, an organic coffee farmer, made an offer. Webb says she can’t quite explain her attraction to panda cows.

The deal is done, and now the little cow is embarking on a journey to Hawaii where the grass is really green. Webb says she plans to try her luck at breeding.

Will Storm breed a true panda? We won’t have that answer for at least two years. In the meantime, final preps are under way. It’s not easy to let go of such a rare treasure.

Storm leaves Wednesday morning flying from Portland to Hawaii and will arrive late Wednesday.

There’s an estimated 40 true panda cows in the U.S.

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