Marijuana Measure Fails in Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. — Campaign heads for Measure 80 say lack of funding kept them from educating the public and getting it passed.

Washington’s marijuana bill did pass, meaning our neighbors to the north will likely see many more marijuana clients crossing the border to legally purchase pot.

That could mean Washington will get revenue Oregon could have seen from marijuana sales, but it also means Oregonians can watch washington take a crack at legalization first.

“As the state of Washington successfully regulates the sale of marijuana and we see the same thing over the mountains in Colorado, that’s going to remove the stigma and I think Orgeonians will want to be part of this huge new industry,” said Paul Stanford, primary author of Measure 80.

The issue’s supporters say they look forward to working with the House and Senate to pass a bill in the upcoming legislative session.

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  1. George Stoffer says:

    The problem with this wasn’t “lack of education and funding”, it was the wording of the initiative itself. I’m 100% in favor of legalization, but I voted against this initiative because I found it most alarming.

    The way it read, this initiative basically left the door open for people to come in from other states- or even Mexico-, rent properties, and grow marijuana. Cartels could theoretically move in and do this. Do you want a cartel grow house next door?

    The state needs to grow, monitor quality, distribute, and tax marijuana. We absolutely need to legalize this the right way. All the rules and regulations that apply to liquor should apply, with an additional caveat that the amount that can be purchased in a week or a month needs to be limited to an amount reasonable for personal use, and should be closely monitored.

    The initiative that just got defeated makes it, unfortunately, even MORE difficult for a sensible legalization law to be passed in the future, in my opinion. I wish they hadn’t done this- it was highly irresponsible.

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