Mariota Likes Living Low Key

LOS ANGELES — This tale of two quarterbacks seems a bit unjust. The two are the same age, with similar styles and stats. One is the Heisman Trophy winner, a sports tabloid darling. In comparison, the other plays in relative anonymity while leading the nation’s flashiest team.

Marcus Mariota wakes up on time, you won’t find him at an Oregon State frat party, and he doesn’t even have a twitter account. In a summer where Johnny Manziel reached Tim Tebow levels by – among other things – wearing a Tim Tebow jersey at a University of Texas fraternity party, nobody is talking about Mariota.

But Marcus had a better passer rating and better yards per carry average than Manziel last season. He also threw six more touchdowns and three fewer interceptions

The numbers suggest that Super Mario should be getting at least a little bit of the hype that Johnny Football is. But he’s not. And that’s just the way he likes it.

“I don’t like the limelight. I tend to live a little low key,” said Mariota. “[Manziel] has done a good job of embracing it, he’s done a good job of showcasing himself and Texas A & M. For me, I like to live a little quieter. I come from a small island, and that’s just how I am.”

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  1. Steve Mayea says:

    In other words, Marcus isn’t full of himself up to his hair roots like Manziel. I wouldn’t want Manziel in the Duck program for all the Heisman’s in New York City. Besides, he bailed on the Ducks when he saw who his competition was. Couldn’t compete with the heat.

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