Marriage Equality Rallies Nationwide

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EUGENE, Ore — Hundreds of people gathered at the old Eugene Federal Building Tuesday evening to support marriage equality, and to make their stance known to the supreme court as they look over proposition eight and DOMA this week.Groups are rallying for the ‘Freedom to Marry’ in Eugene, across the country, and online.

They started by painting social media red.

“This is the first time I’ve logged into my Facebook and seen the same profile picture for a lot of people,” said marriage quality supporter Zach Benedict.

Red with equal signs. Not the just gay community, but all those in support of equality, are making it known online.

“I think its more than just gay rights at this point, it’s overall equality, and people I was not expecting to see supporting it,” said Benedict.

Benedict was quick to join in today’s media movement.

“As soon as I posted it, everyone was liking it, probably 30 to 40 likes in an hour,” said Benedict.

His red equal sign replaced a picture of him and his partner Dustin. They’ve been together for more than two years, friends for 11, and gay since birth.

“When you’re born homosexual, you can’t help that. There is still a facade, the idea that people still think ‘oh you’ve made this decision, so this is what you have to deal with, not having equal rights,” said Benedict.

Benedict says its time to modify that mindset, and support same-sex marriage, more importantly overall equal rights.

“For me it’s more, I would like the same benefits, the same tax incentives. I could care less about the word marriage, I just want to know that I am supported for being the person I am,” said Benedict.

That’s what he, Dustin, and everyone else who’s gathering not just online, but across the country, are hoping for.
They want the ‘Freedom to Marry’ and they’re relying on the Supreme Court to make it so,  starting with looking over California’s Proposition 8 and DOMA this week.

“There’s a task oriented issue here, what’s going to happen? And it keeps getting pushed to the next vote, pushed to the next vote, and I think people are saying it’s time, make a decision,” said Benedict.

Same-sex marriage supporters know its not that easy, but they hope it gets easier soon.

“You can only ignore things for so long, and I’ve never been in your face about my rights, and you need to do this for me and this needs to change, but I’ve always been in support of equality, and to me, that’s what the focus is about, is just general overall equality,” said Benedict.



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  1. john Q says:

    Do Gay people support polygamy? Or is marriage equality only for gay people ? Just wondering

    1. KC says:

      There are people who support polygamy, gay or not. There are people that support just about every single thing you can think of in the world.

      The heart of THIS matter is that a couple (no John, not your first cousin and you, sorry, and not your dog and you, despite Fido’s feeling that he IS a human) who are in a committed relationship should be given the right to marry, regardless of gender.

      1. john Q says:

        KC, that’s not an answer! Can a gay person say YES we do support polygamy, or NO we don’t support polygamy. Is there a difference between polygamy and gay marriage? If it’s just about people being in love and committed to each other the answer is there is no difference.

  2. Postone says:

    This is about morality not civil rights, you so-called fair minded people in this country and you so-called Christians (those of you who go to church every Sunday) who support this kind of behavior are just plain lost!

    The bible clearly states: Those who practice these things (homosexuality) are already condemned…

  3. KC says:

    I stood among the group at the old Eugene courthouse to support marriage equality. It really hit me when I was standing there that I had this right that the majority of the crowd did not. Who am I, who is anyone to say that a right they have should not be afforded to the person standing next to them? On a very basic level, I cannot understand how someone could claim a right and look at someone else and say, but that person should not have this same right.

    Morality is about being a good person, about doing unto others as you would want done to you. If we cannot all share the same rights as Americans, but we call ourselves “moral”, then I believe we have become nothing but hypocrites.

  4. JaneClifford says:

    What a heartfelt story. Not an easy issue for everyone but what we all need to remember is that each of us is entitled to human rights,guaranteed under the Constitution.

  5. ahshucks says:

    The only reason that these city politicians are saying they believe in gay marriage is to get their vote. Do you think they really care about the gay community? These libbers are taking a lesson from Obama and Clinton on flipping on the issue. Same thing on the gun policy they are support it because it is popular. They are just a bunch of phoney’s serving the public.

  6. Cameron says:

    You can’t change the meaning of a word simply by the sheer force of your will … “Marriage” will always be a man and a woman and two men will always be pathetic and unnatural. Painting this as a civil rights issue will likely go down as the 2nd biggest fraud in our history . Homosexual marriage will be a civil right just as soon as you can show me 1 black person who no one would know was black simply by not telling them and then we can talk.

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