Mascot World Record Falls Short

EUGENE, Ore. — The challenge was simple on Saturday afternoon: Gather as many mascots into a public place and hope to break a record that is currently held by Germany.

The record is 166 mascots in a public place.

Mascot’s came from all over, including Mother Goose, Smokey the Bear, Chester the Cheetah, Sluggo, and of course the Oregon Duck made an appearance for Relay for Life.

The goal was to raise awareness of cancer and raise $25,000 at this year’s event to help find a cure for cancer.

The challenge means so much more to volunteers than just breaking a world record. They say it is about putting a smile on everyone’s face and making everyone feel special.

“I had a parent come up and talk to us about her two autistic kids. I do not know if it is the color or seeing them around, but the mascots make them smile and it calms them down. It makes them totally different people,” said Derek Zinser,┬áRelay for Life Event Chair.

The group fell short of the world record on Saturday afternoon. A total of 161 mascot’s showed up for this year’s event.

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