Matt Ramos Scores Memorable Touchdown

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CRESWELL, Ore. — Matt Ramos enjoys what most 10-year-old boys enjoy.

“Xbox, pretty much. Play Xbox,” says Ramos.

His biggest passion is football and his best friends are his teammates.

“They’re fast, they can throw, and they can run,” said Ramos.

But unlike most players on the field, Matt’s tackling more than just opponents. He’s fighting leukemia.

“It’s hard because we don’t know if he’s going to be able to practice one day or do anything one day. One day he’s good then a couple days he’s bad,” said Dominic Espirito, his stepfather.

Matt was diagnosed in July and almost couldn’t play for the Creswell Cardinals this season. He’s dreaming to one day be an Oregon Duck so he can beat UCLA.

He came close, although not UCLA.

Matt and the Creswell Cardinals faced North Eugene in a Pop Warner championship at Autzen Stadium on Friday, but it got even better.

With the help of both teams, he carried the ball from the one yard line, scoring a Creswell touchdown. It was also the first of the game.

“The team fought hard to get us there so, we knew we could get Matt a chance to be at Autzen and run in for a touchdown and kind of celebrate with him because he’s always been a part of our team. He just hasn’t been healthy enough to be with us all the time,” said Bob Nicol, the head coach.

Matt and his family say fighting this sickness has been tough but the support from the community has helped tremendously.

“They’re his best friends in all ways and they’re his best support. He always wants to be out on the field and they always want him out there,” said Espirito.

And seeing Matt on the field shows just what kind of kid he really is.

“It’s up to us to help him beat this and if there’s one kid that can beat this, it’s Matt Ramos,” said Nicol.

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  1. Travis says:

    This was a very special moment for all involved. The offense running out of bounds just before the goal and North’s Defense standing by to let Matt have his moment! Very classy :)

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