Mayor Explains Eugene’s SLEEPS Stance

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EUGENE, Ore. — Mayor Kitty Piercy goes one-on-one with the public and answered questions about the expanding SLEEPS movement.

The sessions are part of Piercy’s plan to meet with the community. She sat down with several residents at Albertson’s in the Bethel area.

At least one person talked with Piercy extensively about SLEEPS and the protest going on at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.

The city recently gated off an area near the plaza because of the discovery of human feces. The city hasn’t connected the discoveries to the demonstrators.

Mayor Piercy says the SLEEPS protest in downtown is a county issue. The City Council is closely watching the action Lane County may take.

While she understands the right to protest, Piercy says she has to keep a livable community while addressing social needs.

KEZI 9 News asked her about the expanded SLEEPS sites, including the new location at the Lane County Fairgrounds. While she said she’d only recently heard about that protest, she did express concern.

“That’s certainly something I would not like to see,” said Mayor Piercy. “If they want to protest and challenge the law, that is one thing. Do I want these to pop up and spread all over, no.”

Demonstrators say the expanded site at the Lane County Fairgrounds has grown over the last few days.

Piercy did point to several pilot programs inside Eugene for area homeless, including the new Opportunity Village.

She says the best solution for the protestors is a stronger economy, which would then provide more jobs for people to get back on their feet.


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  1. Dave says:

    It’s time to put Kitty out, out to political pasture that is. It’s one thing to lose your political “fire in the belly” and another to lose the intestinal fortitude to fight for what you know is right.

    You heard it here first: Kitty will not run for another term as Mayor and rightfully so. We need a Mayor who has the courage that Kitty used to have, one who will put justice & equality above political expediency.

    Suggestion: Elect George Brown as Mayor in 2016.

  2. Bonniezmom says:

    Oh, puhleeze, we’ve been to these face to face farce meetings, and Kitty never did a damn thing she promised she would do. What a joke.

  3. Realist says:

    More jobs is the answer? Kitty obviously doesn’t understand the first thing about homelessness…so many who are out there are disabled, suffer from mental and physical illness and/or addictions… JOBS will fix that? How can you get a job when you don’t have a home? How can you work when you don’t have a place to shower and sleep? And how can you be expected to hold down a job when what you really need is treatment? When are we going to accept the fact that our safety nets have failed, and that most of those on the streets are those who fell through the cracks and can’t just pick themselves up again?

    A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable. We have failed massively in this regard.

  4. Nora says:

    Government puts so many regulations and fees on small business that make it impossible to improve the local economy! So Kitty needs to get real and spend some effort trying to improve life for those who want to work instead of letting those who do not want to work run up costs that waste our tax dollars with their “protests.” They will never be satisfied! They want the world handed to them. I agree with a recent comment that if these folks want accommodations then they can pick up grass, cut blackberries, etc. Many of us older folks have physical issues but we still work every day and many of the homeless could as well. And as for the non-homeless protesters they most definitely need a real job and I sure would like to know who supports them. Unfortunately that kind of investigative journalism died along with journalistic objectivity.

    1. Bleeding Heart Turned Black says:

      You are right. If they spent their days cleaning up the Amazon, or the sides of the streets, or even their own filthy mess we could see their value. But they don’t do one thing for our community but take and take. I’m sick of it.

      I used care for the homeless, advocate for low income housing, donate money, serve food and attend fundraisers. I’m done, and when the bleeding hearts become black hearts in Eugene we know we have reached a tipping point. Soon we will either see an all out war in the street between the homeless and working folks. Or, we will see so many elected officials out of jobs come the next election.

      My question is… if the camp were next to your home, like on 13th ave. What would you do?

      1. Kay says:

        I live on 13th. Whoville was across the street from my house. I was nothing but impressed with them and how they conducted themselves. They were ordinary people, just like you and me. Some were vets, some had jobs, some were disabled, all were kind and thoughtful people. I welcome them back any time.

        You say all the do is take? Some of them risked their lives for this country. Others are disabled and can’t “contribute” as you do. Takers? I think not.

      2. Soleil says:

        College students also leave a filthy mess, do not contribute AT ALL to the tax base, and every few years there’s a riot on campus that costs EPD a fortune to deal with. And yet we build more student housing to accommodate those horrible privileged leeches…

  5. Tank Commander says:

    Kitty and Sid are playing chicken. Both are cowards and don’t want to get the blame for getting the 21st century Hooverville emptied. I’m going to remember this at the next election and hope you do to.

  6. Give it to ME!!! says:

    Eugene’s homeless are demanding acreage from lane county to set up their camptown – called poopville

    hahahahah while the county is giving away assets there’s a guy in Florence who wants the dunes, and a dude in Veneta laid claim to a mountain top for his cabin.

  7. hippie says:

    ……….PLEASE, don’t judge all the homeless as the same,.. there are some,(if not most) that do keep the area that they stay clean. It’s not fair to judge ALL by the actions that you see SOME doing.

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