Mayor Gives State of the City Address

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy will deliver the State of the City Address Wednesday night, looking back at the accomplishments of 2012 and what can be accomplished in 2013.

Organizers say this moment is a significant one.┬áIn this speech, the mayor will not only outline goals for the city in the coming year but also highlight key accomplishments. Organizers say it’s a reflection that should help the city progress even more.

“A lot of people work very hard to keep making this a better city. And I think it’s always important to stop and thank people for their work and just acknowledge them for the successes that we see so that we keep on working harder,” said Jan Bohman, Community Relations Director.

This will be Kitty Piercy’s ninth year and third term as mayor of the Eugene.

The mayor will give her speech once all the awards have been handed out.

The speech begins around 7 p.m. at the Hult Center.

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