McKenzie District Closes Schools

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BLUE RIVER, Ore. — Even though plows kept Highway 126 clear of snow, most of the rural roads in the spread-out McKenzie School District were pretty treacherous Wednesday morning. That’s why administrators made the call to cancel school.

Students in the McKenzie School District got a couple extra days of Winter Break. School was closed Tuesday and Wednesday to keep kids safe from those snowy and icy road conditions for the past 48 hours.

If you are a student, parent or staff member, driving to school can mean navigating in up to two feet of snow that’s sitting in your driveway.

The buses can usually get around pretty well, but with ice in the forecast Tuesday night, the district’s superintendent says another snow day was a no brainer.

Basketball games and a school board meeting were also canceled Wednesday night. But the local food pantry is working overtime to get food and gifts to families in need.

“The snow–it’s been a hindrance for us. Makes it a little harder to do all this, to get people here and things. But us little elves, we have to work around the clock,” said Robin Roberts, Food Pantry Treasurer.

Staff at the food pantry say they look forward to bringing cheer to more than a hundred families.

Kids in the McKenzie School District will be back at school on Jan. 2.

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