McKenzie S.D. Releases Students Early

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VIDA, Ore. — A school district in the Cascades faced the decision Thursday of whether to keep students in class or send them home.

The McKenzie School District released students at 11:30 a.m. due to the snow that started falling during the day. The school district decided it was important to keep kids safe.

Conditions were slick Thursday on Highway 126 along the McKenzie River. There weren’t many cars on the road.

Because of the dangerous driving, the district decided to release students early. The district is used to snow, but the superintendent says they didn’t want to take any chances.

“What happens is the side roads become impassable, and so our buses can’t get through to them. And if the side roads are bad the parents can’t drive down the snow route to get to the buses. So it just becomes impassable. And so that’s why we did it today,” said Dr. Sally Storm, Superintendent.

“Lane County got lighter snow early on in the storm. However, as you move up in elevation, like if you go up to the McKenzie Bridge, you’re going to see a lot more snow up there,” said Rick Little, ODOT Spokesperson.

The McKenzie Bridge area got between two and three inches, which in comparison to other western Oregon towns wasn’t that much. This doesn’t usually happen, but in this case the storm dumped more accumulation north, toward Corvallis and Albany.

Classes aren’t the only thing the district cancelled. It also cancelled an arts program, a school dance and a basketball game.

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