McKenzie-Willamette Chronic Wound Center

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EUGENE, Ore. — The McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center opened its second chronic wound care center.

It’s estimated more than 7,000 people in Lane County suffer from injuries that don’t heal.

The McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are state of the art – and they are working.

Dr. Justin Montoya said, “Many of these people – if we weren’t able to treat them as aggressively as we’re now able to – would be losing toes, losing feet, losing parts of their legs. So we’re really saving these peoples’ legs.”

In the last four years the center has been able to close 3,500 open wounds with a healing rate of 94 percent.

The McKenzie Wound Center is located at 3154 W. 11th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402.

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