Meat Cutting School to Be Torn Down

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A small corner of Cottage Grove is about to undergo a big change.

In just over a week, Cottage Grove residents will be saying goodbye to a local historical landmark.

The Oregon Meat Cutting School on 7th Street and Whiteaker Avenue is scheduled for demolition next weekend. And while it hasn’t seen students in about 25 years, there are still some with a connection to the old building.

Jerry Gates bought the property back in the ’80s. He wanted to morph it into a high-end retail space, maybe with a drive-thru window. Instead, the building just sat unused for years.

The Cottage Grove Community Development Center saw a great opportunity for growth.

“In relations to this particular project, we hope that there will be a usable property developed there that will really encourage and increase the livability in the downtown area,” said Kristin Sanger of the Cottage Grove Community Development Center.

The group gave Gates money to help demolish the building in hopes of drawing new business into the area.

The old meat cutting school is in a good location downtown. Potential investors can take a look at the property underneath after the official demolition event on Saturday, June 23.

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