Medford Father Feels Napa Earthquake

ca-earthquake-2-250x243CORDELIA, Calif. — A local father and his son felt the earthquake while they were spending the weekend in Northern California.

Medford resident Shane Schmidt and his son are staying in a hotel in Cordelia, California before a trip abroad. Shane says he and his son woke up around 3-15 in the morning to the ground shaking beneath them.

“And I felt something move and I turned over to my stomach, and looked over to his bed and literally his mattress looked like it was on waves,” said Shane, “and then I looked over to the cable where we had some soda cans, and some things laying and a couple of those had shifted, and everything was still moving, and it went on for a good 15-20 seconds, it felt like. So I immediately knew what it was.”

There was no sign of damage around their hotel which is about 6 miles from the epicenter. Shane said he has felt one other earthquake in his life, it was in 1994 in Seattle.

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