Medford Parents Hold Counter-Picket

Medford counter-picketMEDFORD, Ore. – One group of parents is staging a counter-picket in response to Medford teachers on strike.

The group, which formed through Facebook, met Monday morning outside the district headquarters holding signs urging support for the students. The organizers of the demonstration say many parents feel pressured to fully support to teachers.

They argue people should be less concerned about allegiance and more interested in doing whatever it takes to get the kids back into class.

“I think a lot of parents feel if you don’t align with the teachers then there are going to be some negative repercussions down the road,” said counter-picket organizer Robert Lindbloom. “I think we need to stand up a little bit more and say, ‘we can support you still, but we would rather have our kids be in school.’”

The group held a second protest in the afternoon. They say they hope to get greater numbers and hold more demonstrations for the duration of the strike.

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  1. Alan says:

    My children are products of the school system. I understand teacher face a difficult job. The demand for 8 years free, prepaid medical after 15 years of service in todays world is outrageous. When will people remember that it is I who pay that, and I who pay 25% of the salary to pick up and PERS. I am trying to retire and frankly cannot afford this demand on my income. The medical benefit could approach $100K. My taxes have done nothing but go up, and this trend will continue. Given the general increase in cost of all insurances, property taxes,social security taxes, and Oregon healthcare, I would like to teach a class on private industry benefit trends and reality. Put the kids back in the class at any cost , not now, respect the taxpayer and make the dollars to the classroom more efficient. The union president states she wants to retire in two years but cannot afford to without the medical benefit, Wow, that’s a reason to support her demands. A $105,000 total package for 177 days in the classroom is about $790 per day. I volunteer in the schools, I support the schools with my own money, but this will drive me out of Medford and out of the state to avoid meeting this obligation from my own retirement .

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