Medford Prepares to Enforce Smoking Ban

smokebanMEDFORD, Ore. — The city of Medford and Medford Police are still working out how to enforce the city’s new park smoking ban.

Medford’s city council unanimously approved the ban to make city-owned properties smoke and tobacco free. The city is making plans to install signs and decals to make the public aware of the ban, and it says no citations will be issued until the notifications are in place.

The ban covers tobacco products including, cigars, pipes, hookah, chewing tobacco, and dipping tobacco and even e-cigarettes.

Some park goers completely support the council’s decision.

“I think it’s fantastic. I know secondhand smoke is a really big deal. Parks, especially around here, there’s a ton of kids that come and play. They shouldn’t have to deal with adults and smoking,” said Kate Haff.

Others in the area do not agree with the vote.

“I think that if people are outside they should be able to smoke. I’m not a smoker, but I think there’s a lot of fresh air, and I feel like if people want to smoke, and they’re outside…that’s ok,” said Chantal Guerrero.

The only exception to the citywide ban will be a designated smoking area at U.S. Cellular Park.

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