Medical Marijuana Patients React to Bill

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GREENLEAF, Ore. — Local medical marijuana advocates are anxiously waiting for the governor to sign a bill that will allow a licensing system for marijuana dispensaries.

Jim Greig, an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholder, has been fighting for this for many years. He believes the bill will help thousands of patients like himself and is a big step for reforming marijuana laws.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) cardholders suffer from all different illnesses.

“Aids, cancers, MS are all included along with chronic pain and wasting syndrome,” said Greig. According to Greig, a cardholder from Greenleaf, Oregon, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is now included in the list. With the bill awaiting the signature of the governor, patients like Greig are optimistic.

“Our governor is a medical doctor and the value, medical value of cannabis is well known in oregon so we are anticipating the governor’s speedy signature,” said Greig.

Greig is also an organizer and board member of two advocacy groups, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and the Voter Power Foundation, and he said he has his own grower but there are other patients like himself who aren’t as fortunate. This leaves them with no source of the medication.

“Thousands of patients have their card but no access to their medicine. They don’t have anyone that can grow for them. Maybe they live in an apartment or they have small children they don’t want to be around it,” said Greig.

That’s what Greig believes is the biggest dilemma. He says some growers have excess of the drug but can’t sell to cardholders. The bill could help resolve those issues by providing a safe access point of sale.

“It’ll do two things. It’ll prevent leakage into the black market and finally allow patients access to a wide variety of medicine forms,” said Greig.

Greig, who suffers from arthritis and is blind in one eye because of it, says Oregon will be the 13th state to allow dispensaries once the bill is signed.

“I think with the passing of this bill finally Oregon will have one of the best medical marijuana programs in the country,” said Greig.

The current law requires cardholders to grow the drugs themselves or find someone to do it for them and Greig said some just aren’t in the right environment to grow so this is big for many patients.


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  1. Vetzero says:

    I think this is good news.

    Especially for those disorders, diseases and malady’s that marijuana can effectively treat.

    Get’s the Vetzero ‘stamp of approval’.

    One problem.

    The Feds.

    The media keep forgetting about them ?

    If they get into an enforcement state of mind…..all acts of the state and state laws are of no effect.

    Same goes for Colorado and Washington State.

    Better hope they stay ‘uninterested’.

  2. hightide6096 says:

    Why don’t they just legalize Marijuana all the way so we don’t have to worry about any of the crappy laws preventing us from buying or using.

  3. Dave says:

    Governments are toppled when a majority of citizens clearly see that their freedom is being suppressed by unjust laws. End the hypocrisy now and legalize it! If the oppression continues, I wouldn’t be surprised if people march en masse on Salem and and tear the Pioneer Statue off its pedestal on the state Capitol.

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