Memorial Day Deadlier Than Last Year

EUGENE, Ore. — This Memorial Day was even deadlier than last year as Oregon saw twice as many fatalities over the holiday weekend this time around, Oregon State Police said.

OSP put out initial Memorial Day numbers Tuesday morning, reporting six deaths resulting from five separate crashes across the state.

Two of those happened in our area. A motorcycle crash near Fall Creek took the biker’s life, and a drunk-driving crash in Springfield killed a pedestrian. These kinds of events are what troopers hope to avoid on holiday weekends.

“Traffic enforcement, speed enforcement, DUII enforcement–those are the tools we use to keep people safe. And sometimes, no matter how many stops we make or people we arrest, sometimes it feels like you don’t make a difference,” said Sgt. Alan Gilbert, Oregon State Police.

Troopers did see some good news this weekend. DUIIs decreased across the state from 64 DUII arrests last Memorial Day to 48 this year.

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