Men Accused of Stealing TV

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Cottage Grove police didn’t have a hard time tracking down two theft suspects.

This weekend a Cottage Grove Best Western was the site of the burglary. After speaking to Cottage Grove Police, they say they fear that meth users may have been the culprits.

Officers say two men stole a flat screen TV from their hotel room, but the staff at the hotel tracked one of the suspects down, Darren Hagewood, easily since he provided his name and address when he checked in. Police went to that address and say they found Hagewood and the stolen TV.

Investigators think drugs were the motivation for the crime.

“We have an ongoing problem with meth obviously throughout the entire county, and we don’t have the ability to enforce some of the stuff that we’re doing with our lack of jail space,” said Officer Ronald Bates, Cottage Grove Police Department.

Cottage Grove police say the other suspect, Joseph Dexter, had drugs on him when they arrested him.

The manager of this Best Western says in the 12 years she’s worked there, she’s never seen anything like this, and she was simply shocked that people would try to get away with stealing one of their TVs.

Police say Dexter is a very wanted man around Oregon. They say they received requests from the Eugene Police Department, Lane County Sheriff’s Office and the Albany Police Departments for Dexter in connection to strings of recent burglaries in those areas as well.

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