Men Arrested for Attempted Murder

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Oregon State Police have arrested two men in Cottage Grove for attempted murder following a shooting on HWY 99 on Wednesday evening.

The dispute between Joshua Miller, Clinton Moore, and Harold Wilson started at Saginaw Trailer Court, a mobile home park. According to police, Wilson fled the park while Miller and Moore gave chase in their truck.

After ramming Wilson’s truck, Miller and Moore pulled up alongside him and fired at him with a shotgun, hitting the driver’s side front wheel. Wilson remained uninjured.

Miller and Moore are being held in Lane County Jail on multiple felony charges.

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  1. Postone says:

    You’re want me to believe that this guy missed at that distance with a shot-gun?

    Sorry, I don’t believe that for a New York minute!

    The police can spin anything to fit their agenda at times…. You are supposed to uphold the law, not create your own version of it so you can charge someone (incorrectly) with a crime.

    Gross negligence in the discharge of a firearm, or assault with a deadly weapon certainly, but attempted murder, no way!

    But then I’m just a stupid truck driver, no where near as smart as law enforcement!

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