Mental Health Resources Available

EUGENE, Ore. — In light of recent events, like the tragedy in Newtown, mental health is becoming an important issue across the country.

Lane County Public Health wants to make sure people know about mental health resources that are available.

Overall, 33 percent of Oregon adults report poor mental health. In Lane County in 2005 and 2006, 20 percent of adults experience serious psychological distress. Lane County Public Health leaders say you shouldn’t be ashamed to reach out for help if you need it.

“Whatever the mental health they might be experiencing and they’re going, ‘Well, this is a sign of weakness,’ and it really isn’t. It affects all of us. Our mental health is an important part of our total health,” said Sandy Moses, Community Health Analyst.

Moses says it’s important to break those stigmas so people aren’t feeling labeled.

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  1. norman riddle says:

    I read this as only a piece of the bigger problem with our mental health delivery system. My experience is that for a couple of decades LCMH has been reducing access to potential clients due to budget considerations and priorities due to staffing limitations. I might include local hospital emergency rooms in this picture(if you have good insurance you just might get better treatment,for example), hopefully, with our governments new focus on the unmet needs of those experiencing mental/emotional instability the lives of many folks will improve.

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