Merkley Pushes for Manufacturing Jobs

EUGENE, Ore. — U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley made a stop at a local manufacturing plant Friday morning.

Senator Jeff Merkley stressed the importance of creating jobs in America when he spoke at Johnson International Crushers Inc., a rock crushing company in Eugene.

He’s pushing the Manufacturing Jobs for America package he and 22 senators want to get through the Senate. The package includes 40 different ideas for creating middle class manufacturing jobs. It focuses on more energy efficient manufacturing, expanding to overseas markets and restoring shop classes in middle and high school. The legislation hasn’t hit the floor of the Senate yet. They hope to introduce it to the Senate next year.

“We’ve lost so much in losing our shop classes, where kids don’t grow up making things in their garage like they used to. I mean, the real chance to get their hands on tools and be creative is through those classes, and so we need to restore those classes,” Merkley said.

Merkley says Oregon relies the most of any state on manufacturing.

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