Merkley Speaks Out on Women’s Health

Birth Control 2EUGENE, Ore. — Your personal and private health decisions are not your boss’s business–that was the message Senator Jeff Merkley was trying to get out Friday.

A current court case could allow “for profit” companies to deny insurance coverage to women for birth control and other preventive services if they have a moral objection.

On Friday at BRING Recycling, where the workforce is half women–Merkley called on the Supreme Court to protect women’s health care. He says this case could set a dangerous precedent.

“What if your boss decides he has a religious objection to vaccines? What if your boss decides he has an objection to blood transfusions?” said Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon).

Merkley says studies have shown 70 percent of Americans believe a woman should be able to make decisions about their reproductive health care.

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