Mid-Willamette Interagency Fire School Wraps Up

SWEET HOME, Ore. — More than 200 men and women from across the state finished their week-long training at the Mid-Willamette Interagency Fire School Friday.

After four in-class trainings, they got to put all their new knowledge to work and actually fight fires.

The school sets a fire on an eight-acre site near Sweet home, and the trainees then apply what they used in the classroom.

“The biggest challenge for me was getting the new bigger picture of what it’s all about. Because as a firefighter, you first think that it’s all running in with a hose and putting out the fire, but there’s so many more things to it,” said first-year trainee Zach Brown.

The trainees will now be on-call to help with any wildfires in Oregon.

They could eventually be called to help at fires in other states across the country.

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