Middle Schoolers Receive iPads

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – The One to World initiative has kicked off this school year, a project the school district has taken on to supply every student with an iPad within the next few years. Students at Linus Pauling Middle School received their iPads last week, and they say they couldn’t be more excited.

Three schools are getting iPads for students this year: Mountain View Elementary and the two middle schools, Linus Pauling and Cheldelin. Students at Linus Pauling lined up last week to get their iPads, something they have been anticipating for months.

“Some students walked in and saw the stacks of iPads being passed out and their eyes were wide,” said Linus Pauling Principal Eric Beasley. “It reminded me of the scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – the land of candy. Where they just walked in and were just so excited about receiving their iPads. So that was fun.”

Sixth grader Mateo Rodriguez says he received his iPad on Nov. 7. A date he remembers.

“I think I just remember it because it was really exciting,” he said. “I was thinking it would be a lot of fun because, well, I had never had an iPad before.”

Part of the initiative is to close the technology opportunity gap between those who have gadgets at home with those who do not.

“We’ve heard from many families saying this was going to be a really great opportunity for them to have digital access for their students to practice and get feedback,” Beasley said.

Students say they love using the applications on the iPads, something they will be able to use to creatively learn new material.

“I’ve mostly been using the NOVA Elements app,” said seventh grader Sophie Schumaker.

The NOVA app allows student to build elements for their science classes in a fun way.

Some classes are already switching from heavy textbooks to the lighter iPads.

“I think it’s going to be fun so that we don’t have to carry around a social studies textbook and a math notebook,” Schumaker said. “Because I remember that was really heavy last year.”

Students at Mountain View have already received their iPads, and students at Cheldelin should get getting theirs next week.

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