Midwife Conference Kicks Off

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EUGENE, Ore. — A local publication for midwives is kicking off its annual conference for experts in home births.

At the Eugene Hilton, hundreds of people gathered for the annual Midwifery Today Conference. Organizers are hopeful that the event will encourage people to learn more about the process.

“I’m just interested in listening. This is a very important subject,” said attendee Sandra Bardsley.

Midwives across the country will meet this week to listen to more than 20 speakers from around the world. For attendees, it’s a chance to truly improve their knowledge of home births and what midwives really provide to mothers.

“Midwives will come from all over to attend this conference to learn more, to get more skills,” Bardsley said.

Experts say more mothers are choosing the process of having a midwife instead of a traditional hospital birth.

“I’ve been involved in this work since the ’50s, and yes, I have seen an increase,” Bardsley said.

The event’s organizers say that the conference will include speakers from all over the world. They say the goal is to share knowledge about such a crucial chapter in every mother’s life.

“Birth is the most important and intense event in a woman’s life,” said Jan Tritten, Midwifery Today Founder.

The conference organizers say the goal is simply to educate and empower midwives who attend.

The event starts Wednesday and ends Sunday. Organizers say that anyone interested is welcome to come and register.

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