Mild, Muggy & Moderately Wet

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Justin’s Monday Night’s Forecast Discussion

As you might expect, the big weather story nationally is SANDY, which cam ashore as a Cat. 1 hurricane with historic low pressure, has now transitioned into a raging Nor’Easter. For the latest info on Sandy from the National Weather Service, click here: SANDY 

A little closer to home we’ll be staring down a rather wet forecast over the next couple of days. A sub-tropical stream of moisture is being slingshot around an area of low pressure in the Pacific and headed our way over the next couple of days. While temperatures will remain mild with highs in the low to mid 60s, tomorrow and Wednesday, we’ll be dodging scattered showers and some heavy downpours at times. Trick-or-treaters should prepare to be wet at times so make sure the kids (and parents) have some rain gear handy.

Because of the tropical nature of the airmass coming, it’ll have a lot of “juice” so to speak that will translate to 1-2 inches of rain possible in the valley and upwards of 3-5 inches in the Coast Range. Flood Watches have been posted for most of the Northern Coast Range. Small rivers and tributaries might need monitoring for flood potential.

The low finally moves across the region by Thursday which should shut the rain down for at least a day or so as we go into the beginning of the weekend. Highs will drop back into the upper to mid 50s  but Friday and Saturday should provide some afternoon sunshine.

Have a great Tuesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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