Milk Tank Catches Fire

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TANGENT, Ore. — Firefighters were a little caught off guard when they arrived on scene to an early morning fire in Tangent on Sunday.

The Tangent Fire Department was called to Milky Way Highway 99 East about a truck fire around 2:30 a.m. When firefighters arrived they didn’t know it just yet, but this wasn’t going to be their average blaze.

Workers at the shop were doing welding maintenance on one of their milk tanks, when the inside insulation caught fire from the heat. The fire was completely encased in the trailer. There were no signs of anything wrong other than a little bit of smoke.

The tank was not filled at the time. The white liquid in the photos is actually extinguishing foam.

“They started putting water underneath where the guy was welding, but that wasn’t enough. So they actually undid the side of the stainless steel liner on the outside to open it up so you could hit the insulation that was all black and burning,” said Dennis Weis, firefighter with the Tangent Fire District.

About seven firefighters were on scene and it took about an hour to put out. The manager said most of the damage was isolated to just the insulation and will amount to about $1,500 in damage.

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