Mill Employees Meet Following Fire

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A fire at the Springfield Plywood and Veneer mill left about 250 people without a job.

Those employees met Monday afternoon at Springfield High School for an employee meeting. Employees say they were told their insurance is good through the end of the month and they will get one-one-one meetings with management about 401(k)s. They say they also hope to get help finding new jobs.

Employees say they came to the meeting to ease their concerns.

“I was hoping to hear that they were going to rebuild. That was the main thing I’m concerned with. This is the second time this has happened to me. I worked 15 years at a plant in Creswell, Bald Knob, and it burned. That lead me here, and here I am again,” said mill employee John Troute.

“The atmosphere was awesome. Like I said, the Swanson group is like family. I have good vibes with our owner, Steve Swanson, and I do believe he’s going to rebuild,” said Chris Wright.

Chief Operating Officer Chuck Wert says if they did decide to rebuild, it would take at least two years. He says there could be 100 jobs opening up at their plants in Roseburg and Glendale.

Officials are still investigating the cause.

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