Miniature Horses Visit Local Students

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene middle school students got a little surprise Friday morning, thanks to one of their classmates.

Angel Wilson loves horses but couldn’t bring her horse to class. Instead, she brought two miniature ponies to the front lawn of Kennedy Middle School.

She says some students might not have pets or access to horses in their lives, so this will give them that opportunity.

“So they can see them if they haven’t seen horses before or anything so they can explore them and pet them,” said eighth grader Angel Wilson.

“I think it’s great seeing how much the kids have enjoyed coming up the horses and feeding them and petting them and brushing them,” said Angel’s mom Trish Wilson.

The kids were in costumes as a part of their Halloween harvest party.

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  1. Cathy says:

    We had so much fun doing this with Angel. Thank you for inviting us to share with the school

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