“Miracle Pig” Survives Jump from Trailer

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LACOMB, Ore. — A daring pig didn’t go to the market, she didn’t get ice cream, and she almost died on her way home.

“Snickers” is now being called a miracle pig after evading death twice.

“That was the most traumatic thing. I will never forget that in my life,” said the pig’s owner Scott Bruslind.

Snickers was on her way home after winning a champion designation at the Linn County Fair. She was by herself in a trailer since her three siblings had just been sold, which apparently gave her enough room to make a break for it.

“I’ll never forget that picture in my mind about a pig bouncing, and basically, flying in the air at 55 maybe 60 miles an hour, and then rolling, she would bounce and then roll and bounce and roll and I thought she’s got to be dead and then the minute she got up, I thought I have a chance,” Scott said.

The nearly 270-pound pig had jumped about four feet high through the open windows.

“She could just launch herself so anybody who thinks that pigs don’t fly don’t bet on that,” Scott said.

Snickers landed on the busy Highway 20.

“I just pulled over. I couldn’t believe it and I thought this pig is dead, but my main concern was that someone was going to run over her and put themselves at risk,” Scott said.

Luckily, that didn’t happen thanks to the vehicle behind them that was following at a safe distance.

Those travelers helped get Snickers to safety.  However, she was still pretty banged up with major cuts and scraps all over.

“The most troubling part about it was she was spitting up a little bit of blood and I thought, oh there’s got to be some internal damage and we’re going to see her start to decline,” Scott said.

So the Bruslinds decided to take her to a slaughter house, but since the owner there wasn’t around, they brought her home, an afterthought that saved that little piggy’s life.

“She is like a friend, so it’s very nice to hear that she’s still living. It’s nice to see her kind of just walking around,” said 4-H Lucky Livestock President and the pig’s owner Jorian Bruslind.

Snickers, the miracle pig, is now doing much better. Her owners plan on breeding her and already have names picked out for her piglets.

“Hope, Miracle or Faith, and then we’re definitely going to name the boys Wonder because well she’s a wonderful pig,” said Svea Bruslind.

The Bruslind family says they’ve learned from this incident and now plan to close in the windows and turn their horse trailer into a livestock trailer.

Scott also says this is a good reminder to drivers to always leave enough room behind trailers since you never know what is going to happen next.

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  1. Tahler says:

    Wow…they took her directly to a slaughterhouse afterwards? I’m glad it was closed. Nasty people!

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