Missing Cottage Grove Woman Found Alive

2-13 missing womanCOTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A Cottage Grove woman has been found alive after being lost in the woods for nearly a week.

Police say the 52-year-old woman survived in a pit without food and little water and somehow lived through the snow storm last Thursday and Friday.

Cpl. Conrad Gagner says they made the decision to search Mount David, a wilderness area in Cottage Grove, Thursday morning after learning from one of her family members she liked to go up there.

Police say she went up there for some solitude Friday, but couldn’t climb her way out because of slippery conditions. She told police she used a plastic bag to collect water to drink.

Police say she was conscious and responsive when they found her.

Cpl. Gagner says their hard work paid off.

“It feels good. Truth is I didn’t expect to find her alive and we did. You know, it makes me happy,” said Gagner.

Police say the woman was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, and her condition is unknown. They’re not releasing her name at this time.

Police say they looked into a number of places she could have been and say they’re just relieved they were able to rescue her before her situation got worse.

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  1. Jane says:

    Thank GOD she was found safe. I hope she did not suffer much.

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