Missing Elderly Man Found Safe

EUGENE, Ore. — An elderly man who was reported missing Monday was found alive and healthy.

Eugene police say Walter Carlson was found locked in a closet at the Southtowne facility in south Eugene.

Lane County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue had been searching for Carlson since Monday. There were approximately 50 people involved in the search.

Police say 83-year-old Walter Carlson walked away from his residence at Southtowne Living Center on West 28th Avenue. Police say he suffers from severe dementia, requires medical supervision, and is easily confused.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t understand how he ended up locked in a closet. Did he lock it from inside or did someone lock him in there? I know someone who used to work there and it is a sketchy place. Sounds very odd to me.

  2. Tamera Clark says:

    I too find it rather odd that the staff didn’t look everywhere. My step-mom lived in a facility like this and when someone went missing, the first thing they did was look in every nook and cranny – which included closets!

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