Missing Hunter Found Safe

Near DIAMOND LAKE, Ore. — A Sacramento man who went missing during a hunting trip north of Diamond Lake has been found safe.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office say 52-year-old Miguel Ruiz went missing in the Cinnamon Butte area five miles north of Diamond Lake.

He and his hunting partner Keith Seibert, of Gold Hill, left on Monday morning and planned to split up and meet a couple hours later. When Ruiz didn’t return, Seibert called for help. Both of them had GPS radios, but Ruiz said his wasn’t working.

When searchers found Ruiz Tuesday afternoon, he was very wet and cold. He couldn’t start a campfire because his lighter wasn’t working and his matches were too wet. He did though make a shelter with a space blanket under a tree. Ruiz told searchers he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to survive another night.

The sheriff’s office says hunters should be prepared for changing weather conditions have what they need if they have to spend the night out in the woods.

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