Man Rescued On Mt. Pisgah Now In A Coma

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EUGENE, Ore — A Eugene man rescued on Mt. Pisgah Wednesday night took a turn for the worse.

A major rescue effort ensued Wednesday night after the man’s family found a note that implied he was going to kill himself.

The Lane County Sheriff’s office worked with the Goshen Fire Department to search for the man. Rescuers eventually found him off the trail at Mount Pisgah with no visible injuries.

The man’s father tells KEZI he has since slipped into a coma at the hospital.

“He’s going through some depression for some injuries and some other things that’s going on with him, and I think towards the end he didn’t really want to commit suicide,” said Deputy Paul Vitus of Lane County Sheriff Search and Rescue.  “It was really obvious to us that he didn’t really want to do that.”


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