Missing Woman’s Daughter Waits for Info

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A Beaverton woman is anxiously waiting for any news about her missing mother, Tammy Borda, who was last seen in Cottage Grove.

Markie Borda says she’s frustrated because she isn’t getting any information from police regarding what’s going on at the home of her mother’s ex-boyfriend, where police are searching. She’s extremely worried and just looking for answers, hoping for the best outcome.

Tammy Borda’s daughter says her mom was last seen two and a half weeks ago leaving her ex-boyfriend’s home with her bags. Markie says her mother lives with her and was supposed to come home after spending Thanksgiving in Cottage Grove. She’s left numerous messages with police in the last 24 hours and isn’t getting anything. She says it’s just a very hard time.

“I am just really just heartbroken. It is so out of character for her this is not something she has ever done or something she would ever do,” Markie said.

Markie has other family in Cottage Grove and says they’re waiting together for any news. Markie told KEZI 9 News she is also very concerned because her mother is disabled and thought the way she left the ex-boyfriend’s home was concerning because she can’t get around very easily.

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