Mission to Ban Fireworks

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EUGENE, Ore. — Demolition is under way at a north Eugene home that was destroyed in a fire sparked by Fourth of July fireworks.

Now the homeowners are on a mission to ban fireworks. Last month, the Chavez’s saw the home they built go up in flames. On Thursday, they saw it destroyed.

Tony and Karoline watched as crews demolished 51 years of memories. The day after the Fourth of July, flames ripped through the home on Lakeview Drive.

The Eugene Fire Department says fireworks were to blame. A month before the fire, the Eugene City Council decided not to put a ban on fireworks. Now, the Chavez’s are hoping images of their house will change the minds of city leaders.

“It would just be nice if there was a designated place for fireworks where it’s safe, because our whole neighborhood could have gone up in fire the school behind us could have caught fire,” said Karoline Chavez.

The estimated cost of the damage done by the fire was $850,000, but a priceless lesson has come out of it all.

A teacher at Churchill High School will be using the blaze as a teaching tool for her students about the dangers of fireworks.

The Chavez’s have hired a builder this time to rebuild their home. It’s expected to be completed in April.

The investigation into where the fireworks came from is still ongoing.

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  1. Charlotte Brandt says:

    My neighbor’s fence caught on fire last year on the 5th of July and it was caused by fireworks. Fortunately, their daughter was at home and the dog alerted her to the fire. It was put out before too much of it burned and before it reached the house. The fire department said it was definitely a firework that caused it. Yes!! Ban fireworks sales to individuals! I’m tired of hearing them before the 4th and weeks after. Especially very late at night! I hope the Chavez’s are successful in their goal!

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