Mobile PET/CT Scanner Saves Patients’ Time, Travel Money

By Heather Turner

MID-VALLEY, Ore. — A new mobile PET/CT scanner is saving mid-valley cancer patients’ time and travel money by making it more convenient to get tests and results.

Corvallis Moving and Storage pulls the mobile unit around to Samaritan Health Services hospitals in the mid-valley on a weekly basis.

It saves patients the hassle of having to drive all the way to Salem or Eugene to receive the same services.

The nearly $2 million PET/CT scanning mobile unit is a first in the Samaritan system.

It’s used to diagnose diseases and help professionals plan treatments and monitor a patient’s progress.

The machine is used in both pre and post-treatment, typically for cancer patients.

It includes control, injection and examination rooms.

“Keeping it local is a big deal for these patients. They have a lot of outside doctors visits, things like that already planned. One less thing to worry about is traveling to get their diagnostic imaging done,” said Nuclear Medicine Technologist Kevin Heim.

A scan takes about 45 minutes.

Nuclear medicine technologists say it’s less invasive, more accurateand more sensitive to viewing changes in the body.

The mobile unit will be in Corvallis Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays; in Lebanon and Lincoln City every other Thursday; and in North Albany on Fridays.  For more information, click here.

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