Mohawk River Floods Nearby Golf Course

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NEAR SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Mohawk River, like many others across Western Oregon were nearing flood stage Saturday night. While the water level was high, a flood warning for the area has been cancelled. But, the water level is still causing some flooding near the river.

As water rushes downstream on the Mohawk River, it’s pouring out onto the nearby river banks and the Springfield Country Club course.

“You know generally it’s kind of an every other year kind of thing for us. Over the last few years it seems like maybe we’ve gotten a little more flooding than normal, but it’s normal,” said Springfield Country Club manager Jeff Gaskill.

For the country club having half the course covered in standing water is nothing new. “Sometimes it’ll close our back nine for a day or two, but that’s about it,” said Gaskill.

Managers are thankful they can stay open because a few weeks ago the wintry weather forced them to shut down the entire course. “It’s more unusual for us to have closures for snow and having two big snow storms this year, it’s obviously rare for this area, so that’s going to be more impactful than this is,” said Gaskill.

So even though the river is rising far above its normal bank level, course managers will continue watching the situation closely in hopes it won’t get high enough to damage the course.

“It gets really bad if it’s really high to where there are actual trees floating through the golf course. That would potentially cause some damage, but it has to get really high for that to happen,” said Gaskill.

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