Mohawk River Receding

January 20, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

MOHAWK, Ore. — People living in the Mohawk valley area are breathing a little easier Friday night.

The river is receding.

Most of the roads that were closed in that area are back open, and homeowners who evacuated are already coming back.

As the the Mohawk River rose, Anne Turner started to worry.

“This is probably close to the highest we have seen it in the 12 years,” Turner said.

She heeded the evacuation call Thursday and headed into town to stay overnight with relatives.

“I was just glad to be away in case a tree came down and the power went out. That is what I worry about so it was good to be away,” Turner said. “The more it can recede today the better we will be off.”

Adriel Gaines didn’t evacuate, but there’s a big river flowing right through his backyard.

“Just the force of the river coming to this spot is amazing,” Gaines said.

That force paired with sumberged roads are causing some headaches.

“I have a home business and I had some clients who were supposed to come over and I had to call and cancel,” Gaines said.

Teeing off also remains a challenge at the Springfield Country Club. Some of the holes are still underwater and the carts have nowhere to go.

“I wonder if there is such a thing as surf golf,” said Springfield Country Club Member Al Okahara.

Still seeing the river start to receed is putting these homeowners and even their pets a lot more at ease.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office urges people to be on the lookout as they drive in areas that were covered by water Thursday.

A lot of big limbs and potholes are on the roads.

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