Moms March Against Gun Violence

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EUGENE, Ore. — A group of Lane County moms, who call themselves peace advocates, are spending their Mother’s Day marching and speaking out against gun violence.

The march through Eugene is glimpse of what’s happening all across the country Sunday.

These Lane County moms started marching 15 years ago as part of a national movement called, Million Mom March.

Betsy Steffensen, the chair of the Lane County moms, says she started the local chapter after the Thurston school shooting.

Steffensen is a former teacher and she says she felt compelled to speak out against gun violence after Kip Kinkel was convicted of killing his parents, two students and wounding multiple others at the school.

Steffensen and dozens of people marched from the EWEB plaza to the Peace Park in Eugene. Joining them was Mayor Kitty Piercy, an annual participator.

“I come every year for the Million Mom March, which started many years ago out of concern for children who were dying as victims of gun violence and certainly we haven’t finished with that story here in this country,” said Mayor Piercy.

Organizers say the march had nearly 5,000 people its first year.

Steffensen says she thinks its important for gun owners to be responsible and keep guns unloaded at their homes.

She says they are keeping the streak alive and marching next year for the 16th year.


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