Monroe Woman Shot Twice

Reese Creek RoadMONROE, Ore. — A Monroe woman is in the hospital after deputies say she was shot by neighbors who were target practicing.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office says 60-year-old Gale Fogelstrom was walking to get her newspaper on Reese Creek Road Sunday evening. Deputies say she was shot twice: in her lower back and in her buttocks.

Two neighbors who were driving by say they saw her flag them down. They stopped and drove her to her house, where her boyfriend called 911 and she was flown by a REACH helicopter to Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis. Deputies say Fogelstrom does not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

The Sheriff’s Office says two other neighbors were target practicing nearby at the same time. Deputies say they were shooting downward from a hill on their property.

“Of course it concerns us – the location and the angle they were shooting at went across a road without sufficient backstop, so it does concern us,” said Captain Greg Ridler with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. “Whether or not criminal charges will be brought will be determined later.”

Ridler says it is uncommon to receive calls about someone being shot, but it is common to get complaints about people target practicing.

“There are no shooting restrictions in Benton County outside the city jurisdictions that we have,” he said. “So if you live out in rural Benton County, you can shoot at your house.”

Ridler says he warns shooters to make sure they are shooting in a safe direction and that there is always a sufficient backstop.

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