More Delays and Testimony in Swartout Retrial

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — More delays and testimony in the murder re-trial of Angelica Swartout.

The defense wants to prove she wasn’t pregnant.

There were a lot of delays Thursday because of problems with the availability of witnesses for the defense.

A man claiming he was intimate with Swartout while she was supposed to be pregnant told jurors this:

“Did you ever notice during the time you were hanging out that she appeared pregnant?” asked the defense attorney.
“Not at all,” said Brandon Enriquez.

He testified to sleeping with a couple of other pregnant woman who he could tell were pregnant.

The defense also called a forensic scientist it hired.

The scientist says he tested for blood in the employee bathroom a year after the alleged birth and found no traces of it.

Then Swartout’s home life was brought back into the picture.

“It was horrible that anyone should have to live in a condition like that, let alone somebody you know. There were dozens of people, dozens of kids just swarming,” said Christian mentor Amanda Lenke.

Lenke went on to say the thought crossed her mind that a baby mill was being run out of the home.

There will be no court Friday or Monday. Testimony will resume Tuesday.

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