More Early Winter-Like Weather Coming

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Justin’s Monday Night Forecast Discussion

Folks in Springfield had a startle today as a “Gustnado” hit some houses and a greenhouse. Yes, that is a real weather term- we don’t see them much in the Northwest but there are caused by the gust front on the leading edge of a thunderstorm. With the unstable airmass overhead, we had all the ingredients for a wild afternoon. If you want to see more of the gustnado damage and an explanation of how they form, click here: 

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For the next couple of days, we’ll stay cool, soggy at times with scattered showers and the cold air aloft will keep a threat of isolated thunderstorms at the lower elevations and snow above 3500 feet. 1-3 inches of new snow is not out of the question for the Passes through Wednesday and certainly as you get up around the ski resort levels.

By Thursday and Friday, a brief dry pocket moves in as high pressure shuts down the rain for a day or so, but highs won’t warm much only back into the mid 50s. We should see a chance for some afternoon sunshine both Thursday and Friday.

The weekend shows more wet weather on tap as the ridge flattens out and the jet stream is pointed right at the Northwest. That’ll keep smaller storms rolling into town from Saturday afternoon through early next week.

Have a great Tuesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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