More Heavy Rain, Flood Concerns

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion:  

More heavy rain is coming tonight and through most of the day on Saturday as the next wave is merely hours away. In fact we won’t see much of a break in the steady rain overnight tonight, however, the winds will start to crank up again as the cold front moves through Saturday afternoon.

One of the concerns we’re watching this week is area streams and rivers that with yesterday’s heavy rain are getting close to flood stage. The Mohawk near Marcola is at flood stage along with the McKenzie near Vida. You can track the river gauge near your area by clicking here: NWS River Gauges   Just click on the dot nearest to your location.

With more than 2″ of rain (and more with the melted snow) on the ground, things are pretty saturated. I’m expecting to see more run off from Saturday’s rain than before, which will likely pose a travel concern to low-lying areas that may be close to already swollen riverbanks. The strongest wind will be Saturday early afternoon with wind gusts approaching 50-60mph at the coast and 30mph inland. Through the weekend, many areas have the potential to see up to 3″ of rain or more, thus minor ponding on roadways and minor river flooding may be an issue by Sunday.

More rain is expected next week as well, along with cooler air pushing snow lines down into the foothills. Great for ski resorts and helpful for all of Western Oregon to gain back possible all of our rain deficit this year!

Have a great weekend!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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